Putting Learners First: The Future of Microcredentialing - Mark Leuba, IMS Global
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Changing employment opportunities and work requirements mean that lifelong learning has evolved into a fact of life for working adults. Programming has adapted to this demographic’s need for just-in-time learning, and now credentialing is following suit. In this interview, Kathleen Radionoff, Dean of the School of Professional and Continuing Education, Madison Area Technical College and Mark Leuba, Vice President of Product Management, IMS Global Learning Consortium discuss the future of micro-credentials, and pinpoint how post-secondary institutions and corporations can leverage badging to suit the needs of non-traditional learners. Originally published on the The EvoLLLution.

Mark Leuba is one of the key speakers at the upcoming ‘Micro-Credentialing – Implications for lifelong learners and the workplace‘ event, being held this Friday 8 June in Melbourne, Australia.

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