UT Austin Improves College & Career Advising with Personalised, Online Training

“Through recognition of prior learning [in Learning Objects], learners are able to focus on their specific knowledge gaps and receive acknowledgement for their accomplishments through badging.”

Dr. Harrison Keller  Deputy to the President for Strategy and Policy at UT

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ASU Sees Enhanced Course Outcomes with their Active Adaptive Approach to Learning

“Learning Objects is helping us establish a learning process that students are familiar and comfortable with, and that builds foundational knowledge for the active learning in class. That’s where we find the value.”

Dale Johnson  Adaptive Program Manager, Arizona State University

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Highly Structured ePortfolio Platform for Bachelor of Nursing Students: Lessons Learned in Implementation

“This study shows that faculty and students enjoyed using [Learning Objects’] Pathbrite ePortfolio system to present and assess clinical placement work and saw value in doing so. As a result of this study, the implementation of Learning Objects’ Pathbrite appears to be a success, and faculty and students would like to continue using it.”

Emma Collins  Senior Lecturer School of Nursing, Otago Polytechnic

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Arizona State University boosts course success rates

“Knowing that students are doing the reading and work prior to class lets me take class time to do more engaging things. I’m able to see if they ‘get it’ before class.”

Steve Goldinger  Professor, Arizona State University

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