Standards-based technology

Being at the forefront of edtech standards has allowed us to develop a futureproof platform that you can build your strategies on – now and into the future.

We’re more than just committed to standards

Learning Objects is a next-generation digital learning environment, a modern software as a service (SaaS) platform built to the latest IMS Global Standards around learning analytics, interoperability (LTI and Caliper), Open Badges and extended transcripts. Our leadership team works closely with IMS Global to define and implement the global standards.

We’re leaders in the evolution of standards and dedicated to making our technology interoperable with other platforms. The Learning Objects platform will easily integrate with your LMS, and we will work with you to integrate any other platforms, products, or tools you rely on.

You own and have access to your data in real time. Use it to improve learning outcomes as well as support continuous improvement of your programs.

The Learning Objects platform is:

• a SaaS-based environment hosted at Amazon
• scalable and laser-focused on reliability
• designed to deliver insightful analytics
• mobile-ready
• secure
• built in a responsive design to WCAG2.0 accessibility guidelines

Content and delivery agnostic

Publish courseware through Learning Objects and/or integrate with other courseware tools, content and learning management systems. In the content-agnostic environment, you can use any content, from anywhere and deliver it in an interface that is clean and easy to use, with clear navigation pathways – across any device.

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