Learning analytics that enable data-driven decisions

Aggregated performance data across multiple learning environments allows for measurement and transparency at all levels, visualised in a single, lean environment enabling data-driven continuous improvements to be made. Our tools and services assess the curriculum using the data generated by learner usage. Curriculum designers can see where the gaps are and keep program performance strong. Reporting capabilities for compliance and accountability are enhanced with visibility of real-time performance data at enterprise, program and course level.

Learning Objects aggregates performance data across multiple learning environments, interacting dynamically with existing systems and IT infrastructure.

One-size-fits-all curriculum doesn’t address learners’ diverse backgrounds and needs. Valuable information about learners’ individual progress helps educators intervene early and provide highly targeted and personalised guidance.

Continuous improvement

Institutions face accountability challenges for retention, performance-based funding, and employability, as well as escalating demands from the learners themselves.

The key to addressing these demands is understanding what’s working and what’s not, then continuously improving the curriculum and how it’s being delivered.

To comprehensively analyse and improve, we’ll collaborate with you to evaluate learner success, engagement, and achievement of learning outcomes, and target specific gaps in program effectiveness, both in real time and over iterative cycles.

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