Partner with us

We will partner with you to develop innovative curriculum that maximises learners’ achievement of credentials with market value.

Discover new opportunities

Together we’ll create a plan for program innovation.

  • Competency-based approaches to learning that enable learners to visualise their achievements and build confidence
  • The benefits of backward design (defining competencies first, then defining authentic assessments and learning activities)
  • Innovative credentials that empower your graduates to reach their academic, employment, and career goals
Learning Objects Blog - Improving the signal-to-noise ratio of post-secondary credentials

Design without limits

Together we’ll design transformative learning experiences.

  • Curate, develop, and maintain high-quality, outcomes-focused curriculum – including OER – while incorporating backward design at scale
  • Organise authentic assessments and meaningful learning activities to maximise competency mastery
  • Create employment-aligned programs to ensure learners achieve their career and academic goals

Deliver engaging experiences

Together we’ll empower learners to achieve.

  • Personalised learning experiences and authentic assessment
  • Program dashboards that measure learning in real time and target learner engagement challenges
  • Evidence portfolios, extended transcripts, and open badges that make learning achievements transparent, portable, and directly applicable to learners’ employment and career goals

Evaluate programs for continuous improvement

Together we’ll remove barriers to improve learning and achievement.

  • Evaluate learner success, engagement, and achievement of competencies
  • Continuously improve program and curriculum effectiveness using real-time analytics
  • Understand how learners are using their credentials and evidence portfolios

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